Buttercream Frosting

                                                       X1           x2

Solite                                         190g       380g        

(Vegetable Shortening)

Flavour                                      1tsp        2tsp              


water                                         35ml      70ml               

(makes stiff icing consistency)

Soft icing sugar                        450g       900g

Meringue powder                     10g          20g


Cream solite until light

Add water and flavour and mix well

Add sugar mixed with acti-white one cup a time

Blend for 7 minutes on low speed until creamy.

For medium add 13ml water per recipe       (Perfect for general piping techniques)

For thin add 25ml per recipe                          (Perfect for cupcakes an spreading)

You can replace some or all of the vegetable shortening with butter for a creamy butter flavour. Keeping in mind the colour will become slightly yellow.